Graduation Celebration

Women's Trade School
January 24, 2021

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Haiti Foundation of Hope is pleased to announce the graduation of twenty-four women from the Women’s Trade School in Terre Blanche. Each graduate successfully completed the three-year national program and passed a rigorous national exam.

On December 20, 2020, a graduation ceremony was held in Terre Blanche. To honor their commitment and hard work, HFH was able to provide each graduate with a new sewing machine. These gifts are made possible through the generosity of donors who have given specifically to this project.

These twenty-four graduates make a total of ninety-nine graduates since the Women’s Trade School started in 2002. We pray for these graduates and the women who continue in this program. Read more about the Women’s Trade School.

We are thankful to those in Haiti who make this school a success: Madam Elvire for her leadership; Madam Alourde for her excellent teaching and Madam Samanta, teaching assistant and graduate of this school.

We are thankful for our partners who continue to give faithfully to this ministry.

by Jordan Young, HFH board member

Graduates – December 20, 2020

Madam Elvire, graduates and Pastor Delamy. The graduates are wearing dresses they made.







Madam Elvire, Madam Alourde, Madam Samanta.

Look for these students to graduate in the next few years.


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