April 26, 2007

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Written by Sarah Case, March 2007 team member:

The biggest mango tree I have ever seen stands over the communal water pump in Terre Blanche, Haiti.
In a remote, dusty village where water is scarce and the one source of well water is contaminated,
Where the ground is craggy and barren
Where the last rain was in November of last year, and drought starves the tender foliage of subsistence farmers,
Where children have no shoes,
Where almost everyone has worms and more than half the population suffers from malaria,
Where cataracts are common place for people in their thirties,
Where a 10′x16′ house is home to a family of seventeen…
Somehow, in that very spot is a monstrous, ancient tree, laden with ripe fruit.
The mangoes in Terre Blanche are like food of the gods.

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