Basic First Aid Training

September 27, 2021

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Community health volunteers attend basic first aid training.

The Clinic of Hope’s Community Health Committee organized a day of basic first aid training for the community health volunteers. The goal was to strengthen the ability of these volunteers to provide urgent care to those in their communities and to raise awareness about the existence of COVID-19 and prevention.

Twenty-seven community health volunteers from five different communities attended the August 26 training session at the Clinic of Hope. In addition to the training, this activity allowed the members of the Clinic of Hope’s Community Health Committee to develop a closer relationship with the volunteers and understand the needs in their respective communities.

The well-organized program was led by Dr. Marck-Edwidge Jadotte with assistance from Miss Jeandline Limage. There were three training modules which included hands-on practice and review. Module 1: Protection for victim and notification for emergency service. Module 2: Victim choking or bleeding profusely. Module 3: Victim unconscious.

This day of training will allow the community health volunteers to better meet the needs of their neighbors. These volunteers are the first to be in contact with patients and also the first in the chain of delivering care to their communities. This first aid training adds to their knowledge base of malaria, malnutrition, tuberculosis and more.

If you would like to help fund future trainings like this for the community health volunteers click here.

Practice and review.

Hygiene instruction.

Presentation on COVID-19.


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