Praying Every Day

September 24, 2021

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Recently, I was able to get away for a vacation. As I often do, I went out for an early morning run to explore the area. During my run, I heard what sounded like hymnal music, so I abruptly changed my course and headed in that direction.

I discovered the church in this photo. The Spanish, Jesucristo es el Señor, translates to Jesus Christ is Lord.

What does this have to do with Haiti? Absolutely nothing, yet at the same time, absolutely everything.

Every day, I pray for the people of Haiti and I pray I will once again travel to Terre Blanche to be one in Christ with them.

Every day, I ask Jesus Christ to put his saving grace upon the Haitian people.

That morning, at the moment I discovered this church, I was thinking of and praying for my friends in Terre Blanche.

I sat just outside the church. I listened to the music and I prayed. I let myself believe that they, too, were praying for my Haitian brothers and sisters.

No matter where you happen to be today, with God in your heart, would you please pray for the people of Haiti?

by Donn Raymond, HFH board member

Jesus Christ is Lord translates to Jezikri se mèt in Creole.

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