Fuel for the day
April 7, 2022

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Madam Elvire shared these photos of pre-K through third grade students eating breakfast in the school cafeteria in Terre Blanche.

Breakfast is prepared each morning for this age group to give the additional boost for the school day ahead. Starting the day with breakfast increases a child’s ability to concentrate, provides energy and improved overall health.

With a cycle of floods and droughts year after year, food resources have been stretched thin. Many families lack the ability to provide sufficient nutrition for their children’s healthy growth. These school breakfasts are fuel for the day and fill the children’s empty tanks so they are ready to learn and have a great day at school.

Thank you for helping provide funds that not only educate these children but provide breakfasts and lunches.

We hope these photos of full plates of food on tables in front of these children bring you smiles – we know the children are smiling. Education and good nutrition are life-changing.

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