Caring for the Community

April 11, 2022

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We want to introduce you to some of the hardworking and caring staff working at the Clinic of Hope.

Lawrence Greard Jean is the Assistant Administrator and Assistant to the Executive Secretary. He has been working in Terre Blanche since 2017. Lawrence, who is married and has two children, chose to work in Terre Blanche because he wanted to contribute to the work already taking place by Pastor Delamy and Haiti Foundation of Hope. As a Christian, he wanted to share his talents with the community. When not at work, he likes to play video games with his son or watch movies.

Dr. Jean Montumaire Rodez Jean is the Clinic of Hope medical director, ultrasound technician and a gynecologist/obstetrician. He has worked in Terre Blanche since 2017 and chose this job to join in sharing Pastor Delamy’s vision to help the most vulnerable and poor. He is married with a son and daughter, and is a horticulturist.

Dr. Junior Charité Noel is vice president of the medical committee and has been working with the Clinic of Hope for four years. He has known Pastor Delamy for a long time and was inspired by his leadership to join the “amazing” work in Terre Blanche. His wife is also a medical professional and they have two children. When not at work, Dr. Junior likes music, movies, cycling, soccer and reading the Bible.

Lawrence Greard Jean

Dr. Jean Montumaire Rodez Jean

Dr. Junior Charité Noel



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