Changing Lives

July 23, 2007

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Written by Bonnie Ward, RN, June 2007 team:

Journal Entry June 24, 2007 — I am falling in love with the Haitian people, and especially the babies. I saw some babies today who were so beautiful and rubbery; they gave me great joy. When they are a little ill, they sit quietly and just look at you with big brown eyes. I also love the older men and women. They are lean as sticks, their faces beautifully chiseled and thin. They have such character and grace. Their smiles are my reward.

June 25, 2007 After clinic we went for a walk through the village. After being inside all day it’s wonderful to be outside, to see the green, green mountains. We walked on trails through town, stopping to visit at a few houses. A skinny female dog snapped at me when I tried to pet it. “Never touch a Haitian dog,” someone said, and I believe it now!

July 1, 2007 We had dinner then gathered in a circle for our final team meeting. Joe led and said some very helpful things to aid us in the transition back to our homes. We all had time to talk about the experience of the past 10 days. I shared that it was so inspiring to be in the presence of people who trust so deeply in God. I realized that not only are Joe and Linda helping the poor here in Haiti, they are also changing the lives of many Americans by providing this experience to serve.

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