Good to be Back

February 3, 2008

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From Haiti, written by Sarah Case, Jan/Feb 2008 team:

Our journey to Terre Blanche gave us many reminders that God is in charge. Cancelled planes, last minute itinerary changes and luggage complications gave us some opportunities to remember that we are not in charge of all of this — and the One who is in charge is worth trusting.

Despite these challenges and after a very long, hot, bumpy ride up country, 17 of us arrived safely in the village Friday around 5 p.m. Those of us who have been here before were amazed by the dramatic road improvements between Gonaives and Terre Blanche — what used to take an hour now takes 15 minutes!

We have had a lovely day of setting up clinic, resting and walking through the village. As always, we have been greeted with warm smiles and hospitality by the villagers and of course by Pastor Delamy, Madame Elvire and the many Haitian brothers and sisters who work behind the scenes to make our time here possible.

At the end of the day, most of us make our way up to the roof of the clinic building, where there is a gentle breeze and a canopy of stars that shines brighter than just about anywhere. It’s good to be back in Terre Blanche.

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