Cholera Crisis

December 8, 2015

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A home in Terre Blanche, a village which has seen a recent rise in cholera.

A home in Terre Blanche, a village which has seen a recent rise in cholera.

The cholera epidemic in Haiti has recently risen in Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities. We are asking for your prayers and support.

Cholera emerged in Haiti in 2010, 10 months after a devastating earthquake hit the country. Within a few months, more than 200,000 people had become infected and nearly 5,000 people had died. The Clinic of Hope in Terre Blanche saw many cases of cholera during this time.

Volunteers with the community health program worked tirelessly to bring education and chlorine solution for water treatment into the three villages they serve.

By spring 2011, the number of cases and deaths had decreased. However, health care providers warned that cholera would remain endemic in Haiti for many years.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of people infected with cholera in Northern Haiti and a teenager in the community of Dubedou died from the disease this past week. Compounding the problem is the lack of water in the region. There is an ongoing drought and wells are drying up.

Pastor Delamy, other pastors and community volunteers have been distributing chlorine for water treatment and education on cholera prevention. Pastors have been meeting to discuss this crisis and make plans to help those in their communities. Pastor Delamy has been working throughout a large region in Northern Haiti that encompasses the villages of Terre Blanche, Dubedou, Finel, and the large city of Gonaives.

The community health program supported by Haiti Foundation of Hope is comprised of local volunteers who have a heart for their neighbors and friends. They were instrumental in addressing the cholera epidemic when it first broke out and they are instrumental at this time as well.

If you would like to support the community health program, you can donate to the program online. You can also give a general donation to Haiti Foundation of Hope to be used where it’s needed the most.

Thank you for your continued support for the people of Haiti.

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