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November 30, 2015

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useMothers in Terre Blanche gather regularly to learn about healthy eating habits and disease prevention for their children. Community volunteers teach lessons, demonstrate nutritious cooking, and provide encouragement.

Some of these activities are part of the Community Health Program, a group of community volunteers serving their neighbors and friends.

Over the past six months, much progress has been made in the area of community health for both children and adults.


The rate of pneumonia in all ages has decreased from 19.4 to 14 percent. Children with pneumonia who received antibiotics increased from 79 to 89 percent.


Ninety-four percent of patients who were suspected of having TB accepted a referral to get tested. Community education has increased people’s understanding of the symptoms of TB and how it is transmitted. More people are willing to visit friends and family members suffering from TB.


The number of mothers who understand the risk of transmitting HIV during pregnancy and delivery is now more than 83 percent. And 88 percent of mothers have had an HIV test. Throughout the community, 95 percent of people have heard about HIV prevention.


Malnutrition among children is down from 28 to 23 percent with less than 2 percent of children being severely underweight.


Seventy-one percent of births are attended by a clinic provider. This is remarkable for a community such as Terre Blanche.


Thank you for supporting the Community Health Program, which is mobilizing, training and supporting local volunteers. Your financial help makes this program possible and ensures volunteers receive training for the work they do.

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