Committee of Unity and a Surprise

March 5, 2021

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Committee of Unity meeting in Finel church.

A Committee of Unity has been created by Pastor Delamy. All assistant pastors from the four churches that Pastor Delamy oversees are involved: Terre Blanche, Finel, Dubedou and Anse Rouge. Joel Barbot and Inoxès Accil are key leaders of this committee.

Pastor Delamy says the vision of this Committee of Unity is for these four churches to work together, using the skills of all for the well-being of their communities. In all of this, they seek the guidance of the Lord for the fulfillment of His work.

There will be trainings through meetings and seminars. The committee will continue to use the vision and mission of the Clinic of Hope and the Community Health Program to meet the needs of these communities. Pastor Delamy said, “This is faith in action.”

The Surprise

Surprising Pastor Delamy with certificate honoring 34 years of ministry.

In late February, Pastor Delamy was invited to preach at a special service of celebration and inauguration of the Committee of Unity at the Finel church.

As Pastor Delamy tells it, “They seized the opportunity to surprise me with a celebration of my 34 years of service in those communities. They talked a lot about the fruits of my ministry for the glory of the Lord.”

We join in congratulating Pastor Delamy for his 34 years of faithful service to the Lord. Pastor Delamy and Madam Elvire have been used by God to touch the lives of many. HFH is pleased to be partnering with him as we continue to work together into the future.

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