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March 10, 2021

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If it were not for this program (Meds & Food for Kids), we would have over 1,000 more graves in our community.”  ~ Pastor Delamy

Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) has been partnering with others in Haiti, including Terre Blanche, for many years. Medika Mamba was introduced as a life-saving solution to malnutrition in Haiti by Dr. Patricia B. Wolff. A trip to Malawi in 2001, where this treatment was used, inspired her to transfer this treatment to Haiti.

The website for MFK states that to date, over 490,000 children have been saved with Medika Mamba, a vitamin and mineral fortified peanut paste mixed with dry milk products. In 2012, a state of the art factory was built just outside of Cap-Haitian, Haiti, with the capacity to treat 80,000 children per year and employing local Haitians to help stimulate the economy.

Many of our team members will remember working alongside Dr. Dave Polage, a pediatrician out of Yakima, Washington, who has served on a number of medical teams. Dr. Dave has been instrumental in the oversight of Medika Mamba in Terre Blanche, helping to transform the way HFH and the Clinic of Hope tackle malnutrition.

You can read stories from the past that show the difference Medika Mamba has made: Responding To Hunger, Saving Children’s Lives and It Takes a Village.

Haiti Foundation of Hope would like to acknowledge the work by Dr. Patricia B. Wolff and Dr. Dave Polage and the long-term effects that are reaped by the Meds & Food for Kids program.

To learn more about MFK, please check out their website

by Donn Raymond, HFH board member

P.S. Dr. Dave sent these words: “Thanks to everyone who has supported the Medika Mamba program at Terre Blanche. I am especially thankful to have been a part of this wonderful program which has restored life and health to so many small children in the Terre Blanche area. It is just plain fun to watch the recovery of life and health to little ones, isn’t it? Who could ask for more out of life?”

Dr. Dave Polage on HFH medical team.

Healthy child.


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