Community Health: Looking Ahead

June 4, 2013

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Community health volunteers teach about child birth.

The Community Health Program in Terre Blanche and the surrounding areas is continually growing and adapting to the needs of the people living in these communities. Volunteers with the Community Health Program have targeted HIV infection rates as something to focus on in the coming years.

While Haiti has made significant progress against HIV in the last decade, it still has the highest rate of infection in the hemisphere. Pregnant women and their babies are at particular risk, which led the communities to select prevention of HIV as one of their top priorities for the next three years of the Community Health Program. Volunteers will share household messages for behavior change to prevent new infections, and accompany pregnant women to ensure they are tested. If they test positive for HIV, the volunteers will ensure that the women are linked to treatment to prevent transmission to their babies. Together we will walk with these communities so that no more patients come to the clinic without options.

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