Showing Love Through Nursing

June 4, 2013

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From the June 2013 newsletter:

One of the first things anyone notices about Mme Julberte is her smile. It’s a smile that greets everyone, including the patients at the Clinic of Hope, where she has worked as a nurse for the past six years. Mme Julien Julberte travels 10 miles from her home, where she lives with a younger sister, to work at the clinic in Terre Blanche. As she sees patients throughout the day, providing a listening ear, diagnoses and treatment, she tries to put herself in their situations.

Mme Julberte received her nurse’s training in the city of Gonaives – three years of nursing followed by three years of community health – and worked at a hospital for eight years before coming to the Clinic of Hope.

Her heart to help others and her interest in nursing started early. She visited hospitals and saw people suffering with nothing being done to help them. She is glad she chose nursing as a way of showing she loves people and helping them to live healthy lives.

Mme Julberte works with a community health volunteer to weigh a child in the nutrition program.

Mme Julberte says the Clinic of Hope has a reputation for providing people with good care and good results. People come, not only from the surrounding communities, but as far away as Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien.

When she thinks about all the patients she has helped over the years, Mme Julberte recalls two patients who touched her.

Once, Mme Julberte did an HIV test for a woman and discovered the patient was HIV positive. “I feel very sad because there is nothing I can do,” she said. Another couple came into the clinic after being married for 10 years and not having any children. They had infertility issues which were able to be addressed and now the couple has one child. “That was a happy story.”

Mme Julberte expresses her appreciation to Haiti Foundation of Hope and is grateful for the partnership to help the Haitian people. Working alongside the medical teams has given her more confidence in her medical knowledge and skills through patient consultations and medical education.

Mme Julberte said, “I thank you and we will keep on working together.”

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