Continuing to Help

Mobilizing and Encouraging
February 18, 2019

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What is the Clinic of Hope staff doing during this current crisis in Haiti?

They are mobilizing the volunteer community health workers by calling a meeting to discuss the situation and make plans to help as needed.

They are encouraging these community health workers, who are the eyes and ears in the villages, to keep the Clinic of Hope informed about the very sick and the people needing a home visit.

They are mobilizing themselves to go out and visit the old and sick. Three clinic staff members went to a nearby village and visited five homes to care for patients (ages 74-89) who were unable to get to the clinic. Medications and food were given as needed. There is a plan to follow up with these patients. One patient was transported by donkey (due to the lack of fuel) to the Clinic of Hope for more treatment.

Praise God for this wonderful group of people who are committed to helping their neighbors and the community!

Community health volunteers meet to strategize.
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