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Making Adjustments
February 26, 2019

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During the unrest in Haiti, school in Terre Blanche has looked different. Because not all students, teachers and staff are able to travel to the school, adjustments have been made.

One of the teachers, who lives in a nearby town, has been coming to school and meeting with the 75-100 students who are coming. Maestro is a talented musician and has been sharing his passion and talents with the students each day. School lunches have continued to provide needed nutrition for these children, as well as other activities.

School may look a little different during unsettled times but students still have a desire to learn and teachers have a heart to educate. It is a successful formula.

As soon as it is possible, school in Terre Blanche will be back to its regular schedule.

Thank you to those who support the primary and secondary schools and the nutrition program. These continue because you care.

Continue to pray for peace in Haiti.

Sharing the love of music with students.

 Please pray for peace in Haiti.

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