Crossing a Bridge

Board Transitions
February 2, 2021

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In 2005, Haiti Foundation of Hope was established in partnership with a Haitian Free Methodist pastor to serve three rural villages in northern Haiti. For fifteen years the work has grown steadily to include a clinic, schools, community health and economic development programs.

This past year has been a season of transition for our founders and board as we develop a new vision for the next chapter of Haiti Foundation of Hope. New board members have been added to the ranks while our founders, Joe and Linda Markee, have moved to new areas of responsibility as Founders Emeriti.

HFH has a rich history of relationships, hard work and commitment to the long-term mission. The transition the board is working through is an important bridge to the next chapter. There may be uncertainty, lack of clarity, and even confusion at times but we have confidence that God is leading us across this bridge.

Margaret Silf sums it all up in a few short sentences.

“Nobody can predict what that bridge is going to look like. It may be obvious and sturdy, and we may find it easily through the fogs of our bewilderment. . . The point is, however, that we have to cross the bridge, and as we risk crossing, we will discover that the bridge itself is our guide and mentor, and it has everything to teach us about the path that lies ahead, beyond the transition.”  –  Margaret Silf, The Other Side of Chaos

Haiti Foundation of Hope is crossing this bridge with dependence on God. We look to the future with the belief that the next chapter will have unique challenges and opportunities. We are committed to the long-term work of building bridges of hope for those we serve in Haiti.

by Dave Zollner, HFH board member

Artwork by Jonathan Case, HFH team member

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