Haiti in Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

Education is Focus
March 21, 2020

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Haiti’s president has declared a state of emergency with the report of two cornavirus cases on March 19, 2020. The government has imposed a curfew and closed borders, airports, seaports, schools and factories.

The leadership in Terre Blanche has been preparing for the arrival of the coronavirus for several weeks by providing education about the virus.

When the news from the president reached Dr. Catiana at the Clinic of Hope, she immediately went to the high school to share information with the students in grades 10-12. These young people are to the be hygiene leaders in their homes in the days ahead.

The hope is that those who live in these small villages will remain where they are and not travel.

Pray that people would receive the information and make wise choices. Pray for the hardship that this lockdown creates – we know how difficult the lockdown was last year and that was without the coronavirus.

Miss Fredeline, from the Clinic of Hope, and others who traveled to the village of Mammelle to provide information about the coronavirus and preventive steps to take. There were 21 people present, including community leaders and community health volunteers from that area. This meeting took place before the lockdown.


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