Encouraging Church Leaders

February 24, 2022

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On a Saturday in February, a special day was organized for the assistant Pastors, board members and other lay Christian workers from the churches in Finel, Dubedou, Terre Blanche and Anse Rouge. These are Pastor Delamy’s churches.

This group of faithful workers was invited to the Finel church for a full day retreat. There were 120 in attendance.

Pastor’s Delamy’s goal was to encourage each one to “stay positive and optimistic during the hardest situation that everyone is facing.”


This was a blessed and encouraging time together!

When a friend of Pastor Delamy’s heard of this retreat, he wrote an encouraging word: “I am always pleased to see the wonderful job you are doing in the Artibonite area where the needs far exceed the resources. We are certainly witnessing God’s active work through your ministry!”

We can provide encouragement as we pray for these faithful servants of God – may they continue to be faithful and look to God for His strength and wisdom during these difficult days.

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