Holistic Gospel

What is it?
March 11, 2022

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Pastor Delamy has often said, “This ministry is the holistic Gospel and it is a lot of work.”

So what is it?  The HFH mission statement answers this question: Haiti Foundation of Hope is a Christian organization addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people in the impoverished and underserved rural communities of northern Haiti.

Just as Jesus fed people, healed people both physically and spiritually, and treated people with dignity, compassion and love, so HFH tries to emulate Christ in all aspects of ministry.

The clinic begins with Gospel singing and prayers. Several pastors work full-time in the clinic and are available for counseling and prayers with each patient. This is a marvelous example of a Christian clinic.

All patients are treated with Christ as the model. Pastor Delamy has made this a priority in hiring staff at the Clinic of Hope. We may take for granted that medical personnel would treat patients with respect, but this is not the norm in Haiti. Excellence is valued in all aspects of this ministry, whether it is treatment of patients, dispensing of medications, giving referrals, driving patients to a hospital, feeding overnight patients or the preserving of patient charts.

The community health volunteers use the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) program. Their visits to neighbors include health assessment, health education and often prayer. When Mothers Clubs are organized through the Community Health Program, they meet in the church and are open to the whole community. The local church is sharing the good news of Christ and making disciples. One of the best things seen in Terre Blanche is a true melding of daily life and church life. They are one. The Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, encompasses all aspects of life.

The school begins with flag raising, singing and prayers. Christian values are practiced in the classroom, while orderliness and manners are practiced in the cafeteria. HFH knows people need food and good health to thrive, to hear the Gospel and to respond to God’s call.

by Linda and Joe Markee, Founders Emeriti

Mothers Club

Morning flag salute at school

Village Rally Post

Dispensing medicines at Clinic of Hope

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