Faces of Hope

February 26, 2013

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March 2013 newsletter:


Luvince came to the Clinic of Hope suffering from severe malnutrition. It was the result of accidentally ingesting lye, causing his throat to narrow and making it difficult to swallow. The clinic staff confirmed the diagnosis with the help of a Haitian gastroenterologist, who arranged to have two Haitian surgeons perform surgery to correct the problem – at no expense. Luvince made a full recovery.

Luvince is just one of the many Haitians who receive care from the staff at the Clinic of Hope in Terre Blanche. The clinic is supported by Haiti Foundation of Hope. Several volunteer medical teams travel to the clinic each year but the clinic is open year-round and staffed by Haitians, who assist patients like Luvince every day.

Daniel was a three-year-old patient with severe symptomatic sickle cell disease who came to the clinic at the end of last year. With the assistance of a pediatrician from Yakima, Washington, Daniel’s condition can be managed with resources available at the clinic.

Last summer, five-year-old Joel came to the clinic and was subsequently diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease. He needed surgery. Pastor Delamy, a partner with Haiti Foundation of Hope, found a Haitian cardiologist to evaluate Joel. The cardiologist, at his own expense, arranged to have Joel travel to France for surgery. The surgery was a success and Joel spent his recovery in France.

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