Finding a Home

February 16, 2010

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Haiti has become a place where many people no longer have a house to call home.

Many earthquake victims in Port-au-Prince and other hard-hit cities, have moved to other parts of the country. The United Nations estimates that nearly half a million people have fled the capital city since Jan. 12. Some of those people have made their way to the rural communities served by Haiti Foundation of Hope in the northern part of the country.

The Clinic of Hope, supported by Haiti Foundation of Hope and located north of Gonaives, has been seeing an increased number of patients since the earthquake. Some of those patients are among those without a home and others are those who have opened their houses to friends and family in need.

At the clinic, one woman, who lives in Gonaives, told us she has 19 people staying at her home. Sixteen of those people came to her after the earthquake. At another woman’s home there are eight people. Three of them came from Port-au-Prince. A man told us five people moved into his home after the quake, making it now 11 people under his roof.

With more people — people with great needs — moving into northern Haiti, our ongoing programs such as providing medical care, clean water and food are more important than ever. We can’t do our work without you so thank you for joining with us and making a difference.

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