Feeling the Impact

February 13, 2010

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One of the tent cities in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Foundation of Hope has a number of ongoing programs in northern rural Haiti, which will help people as they move forward from the devastating earthquake.

The Clinic of Hope, the school and the new church building in Terre Blanche were not damaged and people living in the community were not injured when the earthquake struck on Jan. 12. But the impact of the quake was still felt and continues to be felt there.

One of our partners in Haiti says, “Port-au-Prince is the center of the country, sort of like our heart is the center of our bodies … not one family is untouched by the death and destruction in Port-au-Prince.” People all throughout the country have lost family members.

Earthquake victims are still coming to the Clinic of Hope. They are suffering emotionally as well as physically. Haiti Foundation of Hope has two medical teams scheduled to work at the clinic in the coming weeks and three of our board members are currently on the ground working in Haiti.

Food is a struggle for the earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince as well as for people living in places like Terre Blanche, where floods and drought have destroyed crops for the past year and a half. The price of food is rising but with generous donations from supporters like you, we have been able to purchase beans and rice and distribute them to people in need. Every patient at the clinic is leaving with food.

Thank you for joining with us in helping the people of Haiti.

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