Fingerprints of God

March 7, 2010

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Grandmother and baby.

A pregnant woman was carried on a board by family and friends to the clinic early Saturday morning. The more than 15 family and friends had carried her for three hours. The woman delivered her baby before getting into the clinic in the covered waiting area outside. They were brought into the clinic and seen by Dr. Joe and Dr. Rachelle. Both the mother and baby were doing well. It was the woman’s first baby, a boy.

After about 45 minutes, the mother, baby, father, grandma and a friend were transported home in the backseat of a pickup. The family was given a full sack of rice and about a third of a bag of beans.

As one team member wrote, “In this one story I see the fingerprints of God on this woman and her family. The fingerprints come from the team members involved, Haitian staff who assisted, generous donors back home who have given to provide beans and rice, and several others who had donated baby items. Our prayer has been that we would be the hands of Jesus to those who come – this morning we saw that.”

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