March 18, 2024

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Pastor Delamy and Papa Joe in 2006

For those of us who have served on HFH medical teams we all share a special memory. After supper on our last night in Terre Blanche (usually a Friday), we are serenaded by beautiful singing coming from downstairs.

As we go down to investigate, we find our Haitian brothers and sisters, who we have worked side to side with throughout the week, in the medical clinic gathered for a joyful celebration. This is never announced ahead of time because it is such a joyful surprise for newcomers on the team. In addition to singing and hearing beautiful prayers led by Pastor Delamy and Elvire, we have a chance to pray and share experiences from our time together which have shaped our faith journeys.

A common theme from Haitian and U.S. team members is giving thanks for friendships that have developed between U.S. team members and our brothers and sisters in Haiti. A perfect example of this is the almost 40-year friendship between Papa Joe and Pastor Delamy.

One of my favorite memories, which was from one of the last team trips to Terre Blanche, was when Delamy brought out a picture from the late 80’s when he and Joe first started to work together. While they both looked a little younger, their infectious ear-to-ear grins when they get together has not changed.

I am grateful that God has blessed this friendship which has led to a great partnership with Pastor Delamy, Elvire, Mom Linda and Papa Joe resulting in Haiti Foundation of Hope.

by Harold Latta, MD, HFH board member

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