Frontline Healthcare Workers

Continuing to educate about coronavirus
June 16, 2020

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Back in March, before the coronavirus had reached Haiti, Dr. Catiana Joseph created a PowerPoint presentation to educate the Clinic of Hope staff about this virus. The first two COVID-19 cases in Haiti were confirmed just days later.

Dr. Catiana continues to teach patients about coronavirus as they come to the Clinic of Hope.

There are often long days and interrupted nights, but Dr. Catiana and the rest of the staff are there to meet the needs of those seeking medical care.

We say THANK YOU to Dr. Catiana and the rest of the dedicated staff at the Clinic of Hope. You are making a difference!

Please pray for these front-line healthcare workers during this time. Pray for the health of the staff and their families, wisdom in decision-making and endurance for the days ahead.

You can support the Clinic of Hope staff here.

June 2020 – Dr. Catiana teaching patients about coronavirus at the Clinic of Hope.

March 2020 – Coronavirus PowerPoint presentation.

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