Changed Lives

Memories from years of photos
May 22, 2020

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By Linda Markee, HFH board member:

During the coronavirus “shut-in,” I’ve had time to organize 16-years-worth of photos. Lots of memories have flooded me. So many lives have been changed, including my own.

I remember the early days of worship in the little church in Terre Blanche; a few students came. Today with a special event, this can be a packed house.

There was a time when mothers like Denise had the saddest faces as they watched their children waste away from malnutrition. Today there is nutrition teaching and cooking demonstrations by community health workers. Children, including Denise’s daughter, are thriving.  

Three years ago, 1-month-old Bienca was brought to the clinic with failure to thrive. Today, with continued and constant oversight by the clinic staff and a weekly visit by a Haitian pediatrician, she attends pre-school.

I think photos of children show a huge change in Terre Blanche. I have a photo taken in 2004, when there were no schools or planned activities for children. Today’s photos show engaged and curious kids. With education, a daily school lunch, families who participate in the micro-loan program and an introduction to the bigger world, the changed lives are visually evident.

Rosita, one of the longtime cooks for the daily lunch program, has had a huge life change. In the early days, she began her day at 4:30 in the morning by carrying water on her head to start cooking for 1,000 students.

Today she works in a clean kitchen and stands at a sink with water from a faucet.

HFH is ready to celebrate 15 years of working in Terre Blanche. During these days of “shut-in” due to the coronavirus, we are thankful for the present infrastructure that makes it possible to give the Haitian population education and medical care to protect themselves and their neighbors in this difficult time. This would not have been possible 15 years ago! Our board is grateful to you, our partners.

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