Haiti Debriefed

March 13, 2014

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Written by Donna Vander Griend, February 2014 team member:

So, God…how was your trip to Haiti?  We want to give You debriefing time so You can express your thoughts in short sound bytes for the folks back home.  And we, your HFH team members, just think maybe a little talking might be good therapy for You.  We are all in this together, Ya know?

“Yes. I do know!  You literally have no idea how omniscient I am.  And omnipresent.  First of all, I scheduled Myself to be in Haiti long before you, then simultaneously came on your trip with each of you and all of you. Oh, and I stayed with your families at home as well.  And held the whole world in my hands while Seto told you from the rooftop of the clinic about my galaxies in the universe.

Just to remind you (because I love authoring this part of the story) … I was the One who prepared each of you long before the foundations of the earth to do this specific trip to Haiti.  Did you like the combination of characters I threw together? I mean, what would you have done without Harold’s heart for kids or Barb’s dry humor, without Linda’s detail work and Joe’s crooked smile, without Annie’s empathy and Nick’s French?  Not to mention the years of preparation I put into each of your résumés so that there was enough expertise to help each Haitian patient and even those on your team who had diarrhea days.

And how about that Haitian medical team and those translators?  I took you to new depths of appreciation by adding Elvire and Delamy to the drama … sometimes you Americans need a dose of awe for the others I have placed on this planet. The people I had in place to pray for you and the inexplicable ways I answered each request will remain my delicious little secret.  Your minds boggle with infinitesimal numbers anyway.

Speaking of Haitian patients, I know that most days you were so focused on them you may have forgotten how they came.  I was the One who motivated each of them to walk those miles over boulder strewn paths, to ride out the discomfort on their rickety Honda 50s, to carry their so-very-immobilized elderly and the burden of their malnourished babies.  I motivated them through pain and their need for love.  And I put you there to receive them.

I do want to say that I delighted in how each of you received each of them.  I smiled at the ways you treated your Haitian brothers and sisters both medically and humanly.  I do want to gently remind you, however, that you are a bit limited, humanly speaking (which I usually don’t do), without the divine Love in you.  I like including mystery in My story: Jesus in you.  Don’t try to figure it out; simply enjoy it like Haitian breezes on a balmy February night.”

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