Remembering Lunel Paulin and His Dreams for the School

April 3, 2014

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We are saddened to share with you about the passing of Lunel Paulin, the principal at the school in Terre Blanche. He died unexpectedly from a health problem at the end of February.

Lunel was a gentle man who loved to laugh, encourage and spoil the people around him. He was a friend to many of the children at the school, where the flag has been lowered in his honor.

He is survived by his wife and children, and many other family and friends.

One of Lunel’s dreams for the school was to see the secondary school building completed. It has been under construction since 2007.

We are pleased to announce that plans are now in place for the school building to be completed by October of this year. We will have more details in the coming months. The community of Terre Blanche hopes to name the school after Lunel.

Gifts in memory of Lunel to benefit the school can be made online.

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