Haiti in Lockdown

Prayers Coveted
September 25, 2019

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Today Haiti is in lockdown with schools, banks and businesses closed. There is unrest and uncertainty throughout the country. It is not clear what the days ahead will bring.

In Terre Blanche the schools and Clinic of Hope continue to function but it is not easy. Some of the staff have been “locked” in Terre Blanche for 12 days. The reserves of water and fuel there are running low with no known resupply.

HFH and in-country partners covet your prayers as we navigate these difficult times. Pray for wisdom, provision, safety and peace.

We appreciate all who are supporting this ministry in Haiti.

You can donate here to support the schools, Clinic of Hope, or the nutrition and community health programs. 100% of designated funds go to these programs.

Thank you for considering a gift at this time.

Students in the Terre Blanche cafeteria today.

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