Having Enough to Eat

March 11, 2010

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One of our Haitian partners working with the visiting medical team at the Clinic of Hope asked today for prayers for his country. He asked for people to pray for the leadership in Haiti.

He also spoke about the problem of food. He said it’s difficult to live with chronic hunger – many Haitians do this – but to hear your children cry day and night because they are hungry and to not be able to do anything about it is impossible to bear.

The medical team has been able to distribute beans and rice to all the patients coming to the clinic. And we want thank the all churches, organizations and individuals who have made this possible because of their generous donations.

Dr. Joe Markee, a member of the medical team, wrote, “Nothing says ‘thank you’ better than this: Yesterday I did a minor surgical procedure on a patient who had not eaten for at least one day. She told me she couldn’t come back for her post-operative exam because she couldn’t afford the ‘tap-tap’ ride from Gros Morne to Terre Blanche (less than 10 miles away). Can you imagine the expression on her face when Pastor Delamy gave her food and enough money to return for her follow-up visit?”

Another team member, Ann Petersen, wrote:  “This afternoon a truck arrived at the clinic with sacks of beans and rice. As I watched the sacks being unloaded, repackaged and then given to each patient coming through the clinic I was reminded of the many people back in the states who gave so generously, allowing us to meet the great need. We have heard many stories of those who do not have enough food for their families. Crops have failed for the last two years in the Terre Blanche area which has made food scarce. Thank you to all.”

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