Laughter and Joy

March 9, 2010

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Joy has been hard to come by for many people in Haiti during the past two months. But yesterday – International Women’s Day – brought smiles, dancing and laughter to some of the people in Terre Blanche as well as a few of the team members working at the clinic in the village.

A group of health agents from another part of Haiti had come to Terre Blanche to share “good health practices,” especially related to HIV. The group presented the information with song, dance and theater. The women, and some men and children, who were at the gathering laughed and had a good time.

As one of our volunteers, who has been in Haiti since the earthquake, said, “After seeing so much suffering, it was a JOY to experience some JOY!”

To read more about the women’s day event, check out Sarah Case’s blog.

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