Honoring Jupsline, Silia and Saint Pierre

Caring for the Community
April 13, 2021

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April 7, 2021 was World Health Day. The leadership in Terre Blanche used that opportunity to gather the Clinic of Hope staff and  community health volunteers together to celebrate the work being done and the difference each of them is making in the lives of others. On this day two Clinic of Hope employees and one community health volunteer were honored. Each honoree received a certificate of honor and their names will be added to a plaque in the Clinic of Hope.

Honored Employee – Jupsline Charles

Jupsline Charles is the nurse midwife working at the Clinic of Hope. She was recommended by Dr. Montumaire because her dedication to patients. In March, Jupsline was available day and night to deliver three babies in three days – all of this while she was in her last month of pregnancy. She does her work cheerfully and deserved to be honored for the month of March. (Jupsline is now taking maternity leave. Please pray for both mom and baby during this time.)

Honored Employee – Silia Cambronne

Silia Cambronne works in many areas of health care. During the month of March, she was involved in several rally posts, screened malnourished kids for Medika Mamba, helped coordinate the vaccination program and assisted in the Clinic of Hope lab. Silia works without complaining and with a big smile. Because of her many contributions, Silia deserved to be honored for the month of March.

Honored Community Health Volunteer – Saint Pierre Valérisse

Saint Pierre Valérisse is president of the Central Committee for the community health volunteers. During March, he kept all the members of the committee motivated to achieve their goals. Saint Pierre was at all three rally posts held in different villages. According to everyone, he did a wonderful job and deserved to be honored.

Jupsline Charles

Silia Cambronne

Saint Pierre Valérisse








Clinic of Hope staff and Community Health Volunteers celebrating World Health Day.

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