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Ocean Shipping
April 10, 2021

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If you were able to join a HFH team to Terre Blanche you will remember that each team member was allowed to take one 50-pound bag, plus a carry-on. The carry-on was for all your personal items for the ten days. Your one 50-pound bag carried a variety of needed medical and non-medical supplies. The four teams per year to Terre Blanche meant that over a ton of supplies was carried in annually.

Due to the current level of political instability and travel safety concerns, HFH has had to put teams on hold. The last HFH team to Terre Blanche was March 2019. Yet there are still necessary supplies for the clinic that cannot be purchased in country.

Belina and Madam Elvire unpack items that arrived via ocean shipping.

The solution to this problem is ocean shipping. HFH has used a Haitian-owned shipping company that ships to Haiti twice monthly from Florida. They will ship anything from a container to a shoe box and the fee includes custom’s costs and clearance.

We used this company in the past to send a single large operating table. In February, they accommodated multiple items sourced from multiple locations – quite a feat!

The Clinic of Hope reported that everything arrived in good condition. Among the items shipped were microscopes, centrifuges, blood pressure monitors and digital forehead thermometers. Also shipped was the Jesus Film in Haitian Creole with a projector that all fits in a backpack.

This was wholly made possible by your continued support and we thank you.

by Steve Bressler, HFH board member


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