Honoring Wislene and Jonathan

Caring for the Community
March 20, 2021

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A New Program Initiated

The leadership in Terre Blanche has started a new program to encourage and support the Clinic of Hope employees and community health volunteers. Each month an “employee of the month” and “community health volunteer of the month” will be selected. Each employee and community health volunteer will receive a plaque of honor and their name will be added to a plaque in the Clinic of Hope.

HFH is proud of the dedicated staff and volunteers working in Terre Blanche and the surrounding communities. We will be sharing the stories of the monthly honorees.

Employee of the Month – Wislene Louis

Wislene Louis is one of the lab technologists. She was selected as the February employee of the month based on her good example to others. At times during that month, she had to return to work after the end of a long day. She did so without complaining. Everyone agreed that Wislene be honored in February.

Community Health Volunteer of the Month – Jonathan Joseph

Jonathan Joseph is the supervisor community health volunteer in Dubedou and Mammel. He was selected as the February community health worker because he visited more homes and referred more people from the home visits. Jonathan is dependable, a deacon at the Dubedou church, a wonderful leader and deserving of this honor for February.

Wislene Louis

Jonathan Joseph


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