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March 29, 2010

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Dr. Joe and Linda Markee were featured today in an article in The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) newspaper about their work in Haiti following the January 12 earthquake.

Joe and Linda, board members with Haiti Foundation of Hope, traveled to Haiti within days of the earthquake as part of a disaster relief team with Medical Teams International. They worked in Port-au-Prince and later in Terre Blanche, providing medical care and administrative assistance.

Couple lend Haiti a healing hand (The Columbian):

Linda and Dr. Joe Markee have learned a lot about the damage an earthquake can cause.

The Vancouver couple just spent two months in Haiti as medical volunteers. They saw how falling bricks and collapsing concrete can crush flesh and shatter bones, but that was no surprise to the Markees.

What they didn’t know was how something that sounds like an earthquake can create a panic that produces more injuries.

Yes, an earthquake has a distinctive sound, the Markees were assured by survivors.

“There were stories about how you could hear the ground roar,” said Joe, a retired obstetrician-gynecologist. “It’s the earth moving.”

“The noise was described as a loud truck coming down the road,” said Linda, a nurse.

Read more of the article.

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