It’s Only Just Begun

June 23, 2010

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Written in Haiti by Laura Mackie, June 2010 team member:

Terre Blanche. So fabulous to be back. Still the tranquil and breathtaking village – and there is a new building since I’ve been here. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new church that was built and it was a blessing to worship there on Sunday with my Haitian brothers and sisters.

We started clinic on Sunday afternoon and it has been running smoothly – yet there are so many extremely sick patients that we have seen already. Many have been kept overnight in our observation room and they are constantly in our prayers.

I had the privilege to work with Dr. Joe and he trained me on the ultrasound machine. It is quite the sight to witness the baby on that little machine and an honor to tell its mother what gender it will be … quite the experience. I “found” two babies that were news to their mother and the joy in their faces was a sight. Joe explained to me that they don’t have social security here but rather invest in their children – who will eventually care for them. Which explains why so many infertile women come to the clinic because it is definitely going to affect their life in the long run. Just another example of the hardships that these people endure.

While life is still hard in Terre Blanche, this clinic continues to offer hope through many venues. The work of the Lord is apparent here – and I believe that it’s only just begun.

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