It’s Raining Here

June 22, 2010

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One by one patients are being cared for inside the Clinic of Hope. Outside, it’s raining. The thunder has passed but the clouds are hanging around and the rain is turning the courtyard into mud. The crowds of people waiting to get into the clinic or waiting for their medicine are huddled under tin-roof shelters. Nobody wants to walk home in the mud, wind and rain. It’s inconvenient. But the rain here is good.

The rain around the clinic is good for the community. It’s good for the farmers. It’s good for parents trying to provide food for their children. This rural area of northern Haiti is made up of people trying to grow crops in small gardens. There are no other sources of employment. And the past two years have been difficult. In 2008 hurricanes and floods destroyed crops and since then drought has ruined further plantings.

Right now the hillsides around the clinic are green. Millet is growing in gardens and water is flowing in the river. As one women said while huddled under the cover outside the clinic: The rain is good for the gardens even if it makes it difficult for the people.

It’s the rainy season and it’s raining. That’s a good thing here in northern Haiti.

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