Just to keep you posted…part 3

Knock on the door
October 19, 2019

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Just to keep you posted…

Pastor Delamy reports that a wonderful meeting was held with pregnant women from the six villages where the community health volunteers work. Some of the community health volunteers were in attendance, also.

There was teaching on topics related to pregnancy. The women were also reminded that the Clinic of Hope is not locked. It is open day and night – even Saturday and Sunday. The Clinic of Hope is there for them – for anything. Just knock on the door.

These were very important messages from the Clinic of Hope staff:  Dr. Catiana, Miss Fredeline, Miss Marguerite (mid-wife nurse), Miss Silia, Saint Pierre and the social worker.

The women left after a delicious spaghetti lunch and with a bag of rice.

Pastor Delamy said, “We can do all of these things for people who come because of Haiti Foundation of Hope.

Thank you for making it possible for people to come and just knock on the door of the Clinic of Hope knowing there are people who care and can help on the other side of the door.

Women who came for maternal health teaching at the Clinic of Hope.

“The Clinic of Hope is not locked – it is open for you.”









Some of those on the other side of the door providing care to those who come.

Rice shared with the mothers-to-be.



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