Just to keep you posted…part 4

The Clinic of Hope
October 20, 2019

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Just to keep you posted…

The Clinic of Hope has remained open to care for patients during this time of country-wide instability.

The dedicated staff of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, nurse midwife, chaplain and administrators care for all those coming through the doors. Some of the medical staff have been unable to return to their homes in other cities due to the country’s lock down.

Pastor Delamy wrote an encouraging message to one of the staff after she sent a report and photos of a patient:

You and the other staff are helping us to save the lives of a lot of people.

You are helping to keep shining the light of God’s mercy. You are such a blessing.

Continue to pray for Pastor Delamy and the staff at the Clinic of Hope.

You can support those working at the clinic here.

Clinic staff treat a patient.

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