Just to keep you posted…part 5

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October 21, 2019

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Just to keep you posted…

From the HFH Board:

As a result of the political instability in Haiti, Haiti Foundation of Hope canceled three volunteer medical teams this past year (February, March and June). We have been following the news and receiving updates from Pastor Delamy. The situation in Haiti has not improved; in fact, it has worsened. The term that the Haitians are using to describe the state of things is locked down.

In light of these circumstances, the HFH board has decided to cancel a fourth volunteer team which was to travel to Terre Blanche in November. This was to be a non-medical team and one purpose was to assess the safety and security in planning for future teams during these difficult circumstances. Based on ongoing safety concerns, the HFH board has decided to put future team travel to Haiti on hold.

This is sad news for all of us. We want to work alongside our Haitian friends and encourage the work being done in Terre Blanche. But we will wait on God’s timing.

Even though we are unable to travel to Haiti at this time, there are still significant ways to help.

In all of this we remember that Bon Dye bon – God is good!

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