Loss of a Dear Friend

Remembering Fritto
December 5, 2021

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We are sad to share this news:  Wednesday afternoon, December 1, Fritto Bernard was in a motorcycle accident and died instantly.

Fritto was known to almost every HFH team member. He was respected and loved by those in HFH leadership, Pastor Delamy, Elvire and others in Terre Blanche. Fritto leaves behind family and friends. Would you please pray with us for comfort for all who loved him and are missing this wonderful man?


Papa Joe shares these words about Fritto:

For many years, Fritto provided safe, secure and entertaining transportation for HFH teams from the airport to Terre Blanche and back to the airport, as well as many other locations between.

There are hardly any HFH team members who were not touched by him.

 Fritto was Delamy’s faithful right arm as they worked together for 35 years. He was willing to travel anywhere to help the Clinic of Hope in any way possible.

I have no doubt there are personal stories from many sources about his skills; such as those necessary and critical back-road trips that were amazing to us, his non-Haitian passengers.

Who among us will ever forget Fritto’s laugh! If we ever have the opportunity to travel again in Haiti, we will certainly remember Fritto’s presence, humor, smile and care for each one of us.

by Joe Markee (Papa Joe), HFH Founder Emeritus

Fritto driving the truck in front.

Loading supplies.


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