A Medika Mamba Miracle

God provides a way
December 15, 2021

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These last few weeks have been difficult as those in Terre Blanche deal with the death of Fritto Bernard, a dear friend and faithful right hand of Pastor Delamy’s.

Fritto loading supplies.

The day Fritto died, he was scheduled to travel to Cap-Haitien, on the north coast, to pick up a supply of Medika Mamba. Medika Mamba is a ready-to-use fortified peanut butter supplement specifically designed for malnourished children ages 1-5. With the current food scarcity in Haiti, this is a life-saving treatment for many children, especially those in villages further out.

Without Fritto to drive, Pastor Delamy had been working on different options to get the shipment from Cap-Haitien to Terre Blanche.

Pastor Delamy said, “It is not good in my heart to leave the Medika Mamba in Cap-Haitien while the children here are in great need.”

A couple of days ago, Pastor Delamy talked with those in Cap-Haitien to see if they were able to deliver the Medika Mamba shipment. They understood the situation but said it wouldn’t be easy. Monday morning, Pastor Delamy contacted another driver who was available to pick up the shipment and was to leave early Tuesday morning. However, Monday at 5:30 p.m., Pastor Delamy received a call from Cap-Haitien saying they had found someone to make the delivery!

Pastor Delamy shared these words: “How great is our God! He made a miracle for me. God did not want us to travel to Cap-Haitien this time. Praised be His Name!”

The Medika Mamba program in Terre Blanche is run by the Haitian Community Health staff and volunteers and includes identifying malnourished children during monthly well-baby checks in the area. Some villages in the nearby mountains can only be reached by foot.

The last shipment of Medika Mamba lasted 3-4 months but now there are more malnourished children being identified and placed in the program. The six-week treatment costs about $75 per child.

Pastor Delamy said he is  “praising God for HFH and supporters who continue steadfastly beside us so we can continue to serve.”

You can read stories from the past that show the difference Medika Mamba has made: One Child At a Time, Responding To Hunger, Saving Children’s Lives and It Takes a Village.

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