Moments Like These

Sight-Giving Surgery
April 19, 2017

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There are moments on every team that remain forever in my heart.

In February, I was blessed to work in the eye clinic as we evaluated and cared for those with eye concerns. We were especially looking for those with cataracts to be considered for Friday surgery by a Haitian ophthalmologist who would be coming from Port-au-Prince.

On Thursday, a young woman, carrying her one month old daughter, led her 57-year-old father into the Clinic of Hope – three generations. M. Derilus was blind because of cataracts and had come hoping the ophthalmologist would be able to give him sight. He was evaluated and cleared for surgery.

After surgery and while in recovery, M. Derilus, held his granddaughter and softly hummed her to sleep. Watching this bond between grandfather and granddaughter touched my heart.

On the day after surgery, when the bandages were removed, M. Derilus saw his precious 1-month-old granddaughter for the first time. His smile lit up the room and there was much rejoicing. Upon observing this the surgeon said, “It is moments like these that we do this work.”
I couldn’t agree more.

By Ann Petersen, HFH board and team member


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