Shipping an X-ray Machine – Part One

Working through the challenges
April 8, 2017

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By Steve Bressler, board member:

In the early spring of 2016 an x-ray machine with a digital processor was donated to HFH. It was refurbished and brought to “like new” condition then stored in the basement of Providence Hospital in Portland under a big plastic tarp waiting to be shipped.

It was my job to ship the x-ray to the Clinic of Hope in Terre Blanche, Haiti. The best shipping solution was to send it in a container by boat. Shipping costs by boat are calculated by volume, so the cheapest solution to ship this x-ray was to reduce volume or “footprint”. This meant building a crate 40” x 48” (pallet size) no greater than 85” tall, take the x-ray and digital processor apart and pack them in the crate.

That was easier said than done. The first crate was 85” tall, but the doors connecting the halls in the basement of the hospital were 83 1/2” inches tall. Oops… so the crate was “remodeled” and the total height was 83” tall without the top on.

In December 2016 the x-ray was finally put on a truck and shipped to Florida where it is awaiting shipment to Haiti.

I wish the story ended there.  The next challenge is how to move the x-ray from the port in Port-au-Prince to Terre Blanche. The crate weighs over 1500 lbs. I am not discouraged, I am praying for a solution to this challenge. I am confident that there will be a solution. Does the solution involve you? Please pray and stay tuned to this web site to see happens next.

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