Mounds of Meds

May 6, 2008

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A team of five Americans, including three Haiti Foundation of Hope board members, is currently in Terre Blanche. They are working to unload medical supplies from a container sent by Medical Teams International. Here’s a report from HFH board member, Linda Markee:

I’m very tired and don’t know when the generator will be cut, but I wanted you to know that we made it to Terre Blanche safely. Delamy had no new surprises this time, but we were greatly surprised by the amount of medical equipment and medications that Medical Teams International (MTI) sent on the container. It was almost overwhelming.

Last night after our long bumpy ride up here, we were treated with a delicious dinner by Elvire. Then we were so revived that we put together all the shelving. Today, we put all the equipment in the place where it belonged. We started sorting the mounds of OTCs (over the counter meds like Tylenol and Aspirin). Yes, I said mounds. We think the Lord has a plan for us to help many people so we will be donating medications to some of the area hospitals as well as to some of the other pastors. We feel so grateful to MTI for sending all they sent. The clinic staff is so excited that the clinic is beginning to look like a clinic, rather than just a building. We were all busy putting medications on the shelves.

You may be asking, Are you hot? YES. Are you tired tonight? YES. Are you pleased tonight? YES. We will all sleep well tonight before starting again in the morning with the medical supplies still waiting to be organized.

Thank you for your help with prayers, money and gifts-in-kind.

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