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Computer lab comes to Terre Blanche
September 7, 2018

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The school in Terre Blanche is quite amazing. Not only is it a complete pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school located in an underserved area of northern Haiti, but its excellence is demonstrated by the high test scores achieved by the students on
government exams.

The number of students passing government exams in Haiti is about 20 percent. The number of students passing government exams in Terre Blanche is more than 90 percent.

This year Alfreno, an alumnus of the high school and now a university student, decided to give back to his alma mater in appreciation of the quality education he received at Terre Blanche.

Searching diligently for donations and grants, he was able to get used government computers donated to Terre Blanche. But it didn’t end there. Working with the school, he set up a computer lab at the Terre Blanche school.

I always thought that someday we would see a return on the investment in Terre Blanche and here it is happening already.

I truly believe that your support of Haiti Foundation of Hope is making a difference in Haiti. Efforts to provide excellent education to children in Terre Blanche leads to positive work in the community and throughout Haiti.

By Steve Bressler, HFH board member and team member


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