Education Gives Hope

Change is happening
September 5, 2018

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I’ve been going to Terre Blanche for over 20 years and I remember when there was no school for children. I remember when families had no education in this remote area of Haiti.

I remember children standing around and watching us work – children without shoes, without clothes and many without food. It was a difficult sight.

In 1996, Pastor Delamy started a school and with the help of our church in Yakima, WA, we raised money to provide daily school lunches for 65 students. Delamy and his wife Elvire begged parents to send their children to school.

Subsistence farming was the only work in the area and no one understood the need for education.

Today, there are almost 1,000 students enrolled in school and parents often cry if they cannot get their children into the school. With the work of Haiti Foundation of Hope and your donations, there is now a pre-kindergarten, primary and secondary school.

Children continue to receive a daily lunch and some students are now studying in the universities of Haiti.

Students are beginning to use computers and have dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, engineers, and teachers. One young lady says she wants to be a policewoman.

My heart is overwhelmed as I watch these kids grow up and think back to 20 years ago. People ask if Haiti is changing and I always respond with a resounding, “Yes! The area around Terre Blanche is changing – there is education; there is Hope!”

By Linda Markee, HFH board member and team leader



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