Providing Life Saving Help

Community Health Workers in Haiti
August 1, 2016

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Mothers and children gather for Ti Foyer.

Mothers and children gather for Ti Foyer.

The community health program in the rural areas around the Clinic of Hope is saving lives. The workers and volunteers provide education and assistance within their own communities.

We love hearing their stories because they remind us about the hope that exists amid difficult circumstances. Here is one such story:

Some time ago, during a routine home visit, community health workers discovered a young girl who was malnourished. The girl was referred for Medika Mamba – a fortified peanut butter given to malnourished children and distributed by community health workers.

In addition, the young girl and her mother joined a Ti Foyer mothers club. This is another outreach of the community health program where mothers of young children meet together to learn about child nutrition and health. They support one another and the children get a healthy meal.

About two weeks later, the young girl was at Ti Foyer but couldn’t eat because she had a fever. One of the Ti Foyer leaders sent the girl and her mother to the Clinic of Hope. One of the medical staff at the clinic decided to test them for HIV and both the mother and young girl were positive.

The doctor at the clinic sent the girl to a hospital, where she stayed for a week before returning home. Both the mother and girl now receive HIV medication through the Clinic of Hope.

The young girl continued to grow strong with Medika Mamba. Her mother continued to attend Ti Foyer meetings, grateful for the opportunity to learn more about caring for her daughter.

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