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November 9, 2021

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Students wearing donated shirts encouraging all to READ.

Greta McKinney, HFH board member, writes:

I am often asked questions about Haiti such as: “What should we be doing to help Haiti?” “Why is life so hard for those in Haiti?” “What should the international community be doing to help?”

My response is, “I don’t know.” And that is ok.

What I do know is the mission statement for Haiti Foundation of Hope is to serve the poorest of the poor in northern Haiti, and that is what we are doing.

Due to the current political instability and COVID situation, HFH has not been able to send teams to Terre Blanche since 2018. We are thankful for the in-country presence of Pastor Delamy, the visionary and central leader in Terre Blanche. HFH has been partnering with him from the beginning to fulfill his God-given vision.

Good things are happening in Terre Blanche! The Clinic of Hope is thriving with physicians and nurses operating a clinic and also available for after hour emergency care. The schools are in session and daily lunches are provided. And the Community Health program is meeting needs through volunteers in their communities.

To be wise and responsible working in Haiti in the 21st century requires one to step back and consider how our particular ministry fits into the bigger picture of Haiti’s worsening problems. The HFH board has written core values that we use to as we continue our partnership in Haiti and work together to make a difference in lives. This requires discernment. Please pray, as we desire to be effective stewards of the resources entrusted to us and want to be the best we can be!

As I try to understand the current issues in Haiti, it has been helpful for me to read about the history of Haiti, the problem of Haiti’s almost total dependence on foreign aid and the corruption that it has fueled, as well as the success stories of ministries that have done tremendous good. A few of my book suggestions are:

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